Two by Two


Jacob turned 2 this week! So he had a Noah’s Ark cake ( just like all his siblings did at his age.)


I was surprised by how low key he acted during the party. Delighted at all his presents, but wasn’t acting overly excited. He’s such a fun little boy! And he loves cake! I think it took him 1 minute to finish his piece and then he begged for more!





I tried to get a picture of him wearing his birthday hat. But he would not leave it on his head. It seemed to really frighten him! I also tried to just get a picture of him being still and looking at the camera. Very difficult. Here’s what I captured.


Unfortunately he’s holding 3 fingers up. Purely an accident.


He’s going to love this last picture when he’s older. He’s hiding a baby doll behind his back.


I recently went through Jacob’s toys and put in a storage box all the baby type ones. I don’t know if we’ll ever need baby toys again. For now I’m happy we’re moving away from that stage.

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