1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Langstons…


…4 Little, 5 Little, YES, one more Langston! Joey and I went to my doctor this week and the ultrasound revealed a 9 week baby, growing right on schedule, with a strong heart rate of 177.


We are thrilled! I’m so glad that the weeks of morning sickness (or really, all day sickness) I’ve been experiencing looks to have a happy ending. The due date is October 24, or shall I say early November?!

We’ve been running  a little behind on school. Andrew was sick for a week, I was actually ill for a week, then some snow/ice days and we’re off our schedule. Plus, I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying the view from the couch a lot of days. We won’t finish by the end of April, but I’m aiming for mid-May now.

We took our annual trip to the daffodils yesterday. I got some pretty good shots.







January Round-Up


Here’s a few highlights from the month.


We’ve gotten together with different sets of friends a couple of times. And yes, that’s my daughter in the middle, showing off her belly and striking a pose. Oh dear!

Here’s what the boys did.


We’ve also been busy with Andrew and basketball. He’s on two teams. A church team and the homeschool Flames team. He is loving it and I am so thankful for the godly men pouring into his life. Here’s a picture of the Flames team striking a serious pose.


They are growing up, but when I see a picture of them I can’t help but think, Such little boys still!

A few weeks ago we watched Chariots of Fire because our worldview curriculum (Apologia) discussed Eric Liddell. I was surprised but all 3 kids sat there and watched the whole movie! It was convicting to me to see again the devotion he had to keeping the Sabbath holy.

We wrapped up our study of the Oregon Trail this week and so we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. One of my favorite movies! It was great learning for them as I had to explain what the words parson, vittles and hide meant. The girls loved it and Andrew just tolerated it (another song!)

And what has Jacob been doing this month? Making messes! A great friend (Audrey) gave us all her Thomas the Train DVDs, or “Bobas” as he says. And he has proceeded to take them out of their cases EVERY SINGLE DAY MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. Yes, I know, I should put them up out of reach, but I can only put so much stuff out of reach. And he’s continued to eat dirt. I’m beginning to think he’s ingesting more than we realize. He had some rough episodes today in his diaper that left him with a bad rash. I guess there are bacteria in our dirt that doesn’t agree with him!

We’ve had a lot of cold weather this month and nothing fun to play in. Hopefully that’ll change next week!



I’ve been struggling with compromise lately. Don’t worry, I wasn’t asked to commit any violation of scripture. But, it would have been a violation of a personal vow I made to God. So in that sense, it was a sin. I knew the right answer, but yet I was waffling. On that day, it just happened that I was meeting with some godly friends. A part of me really wanted to share what I was struggling with, but a good time never came up. And honestly I was just too cowardly to mention it. But when I walked away from our time together, I felt the courage to do the right thing. I said no to the compromise.

Even though I never shared with them my situation, just being with fellow believers was encouraging. And we didn’t spend time in prayer or reading the Bible. I think we talked about poopy diapers more than we did God!  I always assumed that Hebrews 10:25 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together….” was talking about church attendance. But I think it goes deeper than that. I attend church to learn more about God’s Word, to learn how to pray, and to worship in song. But I really don’t go every Sunday because there’s great fellowship. There’s simply not time for more than a five to ten minute conversation.

God never intended believers to live our lives in isolation from one another. But I struggle with this. I attend church, I go to Bible study, I talk to other moms at homeschool events. But rarely do I fellowship with other moms. The introverted part of me is basically fine with this. As I get older, I realize my Spirit craves company. I am not that strong and I need others in my life.

So, this year, I m going to be more intentional about developing and cultivating friendships. I refuse to call this a resolution, because aren’t those always meant to be broken? There are four reasons (pictured below) why this is a challenge. This will involve flexibility for our school time and  opening my home more often. But, I am learning to compromise my plans for God’s best.



Christmas Highlights


We had a great normal Christmas. No sickness. No weather events.  Here are some pictures.


We went to the Christmas Eve service at church where there was no childcare. The hour long service went fairly smoothly, thanks in large part to a candy cane given to us by our children’s pastor. Jacob looks so big sitting in the pew!


After the church service, we went to my parent’s house for our annual Christmas gathering with my side of the family. At the end of the evening we realized  it was a bit too much for us to do the church service and our family gathering. We managed to cram a full meal, singing of carols, reading the Christmas story, and opening presents into 2.5 hours! Whew!! Poor Jacob cried every single time a present was opened. I think he wanted to open them all and was disappointed with whatever gift was inside. A lot of tears.  I think the kids were in bed by 9:45.


This is my favorite picture from Christmas morning. So hard to capture their surprised expressions and I got Celia’s!


It was more craziness in the afternoon when we headed to my in-laws and celebrated with this good looking group! It was mainly fun, except Jacob kept throwing fits about the presents.


It didn’t help that he had to skip his afternoon nap. But we survived!

Later Christmas night, Andrew kept talking about Santa and asking if he was real. So, Joey and I told him the truth. We explained about the man who inspired the tradition of Santa Claus. We reassured him that this didn’t mean he wouldn’t get presents from Santa. And we admonished him not to tell his siblings! He took it very well.

All in all a wonderful Christmas!



Mary, a party, and a box


I have finally finished all my Christmas shopping and wrapping! It’s going to be a big Christmas! Can’t wait!

At church, the kids’ choirs performed during the service. Charlotte was picked to be Mary during the song. No speaking part, but a great acting job!



We’ve also been to an extended family Christmas party. Here is a picture of my kids and their cousins with my Great Aunt, who is 94! Virginia Newell is an amazing woman. I am so blessed that my children have gotten to know her.


We got a package of diapers in the mail last night and Jacob was thrilled.




Two by Two


Jacob turned 2 this week! So he had a Noah’s Ark cake ( just like all his siblings did at his age.)


I was surprised by how low key he acted during the party. Delighted at all his presents, but wasn’t acting overly excited. He’s such a fun little boy! And he loves cake! I think it took him 1 minute to finish his piece and then he begged for more!





I tried to get a picture of him wearing his birthday hat. But he would not leave it on his head. It seemed to really frighten him! I also tried to just get a picture of him being still and looking at the camera. Very difficult. Here’s what I captured.


Unfortunately he’s holding 3 fingers up. Purely an accident.


He’s going to love this last picture when he’s older. He’s hiding a baby doll behind his back.


I recently went through Jacob’s toys and put in a storage box all the baby type ones. I don’t know if we’ll ever need baby toys again. For now I’m happy we’re moving away from that stage.

Uh, everything’s under control. Situation normal.


Nothing outstanding has really been happening around here. Just day-to-day busyness. Here’s some pictures.


Jacob likes playing in the trashcan. Fortunately, it’s just full of paper trash.


We saw Santa. ALL of the kids believe in Santa. Even Andrew. He’s not an analytical person, so he accepts things without questioning them.


My snow princesses. All the white you see is sleet, no snow! Thankfully we didn’t lose power with this winter storm. But we have been stuck in the house for 3 days. Not sure if I’ll get out today. Right now the car has a solid sheet of ice coating every surface!